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The Pitbull Tools and Supplies RAILROAD BRAKE STICK SAFETY TOOL is a superior product that offers an innovative way to do your job, that keeps you safe! Checkout the long description for more info:


Pitbull brake-sticks, safety and brake tools are designed to be used in situations where distance is necessary to maintain safety, and are commonly used for manually setting and releasing the handbrake on railroad cars.

Because the brake wheel is often mounted out of easy reach, without the use of safety tools, an operator must step to the end of the car and mount the ladder to operate the brake wheel, setting or releasing the brake by hand (hence the name: hand-brake) of the rail car. Often, this puts the operator between adjacent railcars. After setting or releasing the handbrake, the operator must then descend the ladder and dismount from the car.

The act of climbing the car’s ladder also puts the operator at great risk, as in wet conditions, an operator could fall from the upper rungs of the ladder to the ground.

Pitbull Brake Stick Safety Tools were developed to permit an operator to set or release a handbrake without having to either climb the equipment or cross between cars. In other words, the crewman can operate the handbrake while standing on the ground without stepping in the gauge of the railroad tracks and without going between cars.

In addition, brake sticks and railroad brake safety tools allow a user to operate retainer valves and to open and close knuckles of the coupling mechanism used to connect adjacent cars. Retainer valves are mechanically operated valves controlling the operation of the air brakes of the railroad car. Prior to the adoption of railroad brake tools a user would generally have had to step within the gauge of the tracks and place himself between cars to perform these operations.

A railroad brake tool generally has an elongated handle with a rigid head affixed to the end of the handle that allows a crewman to operate the brake wheel, the retainer valve and the knuckle of a railroad car in a simple and effective manner while standing on the ground outside of the gauge of the tracks. The head has concave surfaces on the upper and lower edges of the head. The concave surfaces are designed to engage the spoke of a brake wheel. Browning further teaches that the elongated handle may be designed so as to have an adjustable length.

While the aforementioned devices have contributed significantly to the safety and operation of railroad cars and their brake wheels, further advances in the safety and convenience are desired. The present invention fulfills aspects of those safety and convenience needs as will become apparent in the following disclosure.

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